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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Way to Use Thyme?

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How do you use the thyme from your garden? Share a favorite recipe or a quick tip. Share Your Favorites

Love it!

The taste of thyme is great on its own, but I really like it with bolognaise! My favourite thing to do with it is smell it! By the way, my thyme looked like a bush when I first got it, but now all the sprigs are separating. Is that normal? [Note from Marie: It probably just needs a shearing. When the branches get older and woody, they tend to separate. The new growth, after shearing, will be bushier. You'll have to do it every now and then, but at least you get to eat the trimmings.]
—Guest Cat

Lemon Thyme

I love to grow Lemon Thyme in my herb garden. I take a few pinches and put it on chicken. You get both the flavor of the lemon and the thyme in the chicken when grilled. Very good taste
—Guest Cheryl

Lovely Plant Indeed!!!!!

I have a thyme plant on my kitchen window and it looks great and healthy. I take leaves off and put them on a burger. It is lovely in mashed potatoes and cooked in meat. That's the way I would use it. If you don't have a plant you can ask a friend if you can you take a thyme cutting and he/she might give it to you. You can also buy potted plants or you can buy packets of seeds
—Guest Olward

BBQ Sauce

I wrap a bundle in bacon and then render the fat. This becomes a great smokey base to Bbq sauce.
—Guest Brett

Thyme Simple Syrup

I infuse thyme into simple syrup, to use in teas or bourbon drinks!
—Guest guest mel

Need to Plant More!

I use so much thyme on my fresh salmon that my plants are looking very sad, so I'm off to buy more plants today!
—Guest BobbyT

For the bees!

My bees love it as much as I do. It is antibacterial and discourages varroa and tracheal mites. One of my top recommended herbs for honeybees.
—Guest Buzz2Bee

Scenting Clothes

A sprig of thyme in laundry & underwear storage units is lovely.
—Guest cat1940

How I use Thyme the most

I make blooming onions and put it in the center cut out. I also use it in grilled potatoes packets and roasted potatoes. Great in all these recipes

Thyme for Pasta

Any Pasta dish is improved with thyme. I also add fresh Thyme to my potato salad.
—Guest Pop for Pasta

In Tomato Soup

I use so much fresh thyme in our homemade creamy tomato soup that it should be homemade creamy thyme soup. The more thyme the more explosive the tomato flavor, believe it or not! Yum!
—Guest Vanessa


Thyme is delicious with just about every vegetable.


I like it with cauliflower, in cheese sauce and in quiche.
—Guest FB


Thyme and apple jelly. Great with roast pork also with roast chicken. We also "do" a sage jelly & use it in a similar manner.
—Guest C.E.Ribbons

Delicious Thyme!

Lemon Thyme gives roast chicken the most wonderful flavour! Orange-Scented Thyme is delicious with fish, such as a tasty Mackerel or Herring.
—Guest peardrops

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What's Your Favorite Way to Use Thyme?

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