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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Fragrant Flower

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It's getting harder and harder to find flowers with great fragrance. What plants fill your garden with perfumer? Is it an old fashioned rose or maybe a heady lavender? It seems like so many scented flowers are spring beauties, like lilac, mock orange, peonies and sweet peas, that are gone before your get your fill. What are your favorite fragrant flowers to grow? Recommend a Scented Plant

Mr. Lincoln

My favorite flower is the Mr. Lincoln Rose. The fragrance is so beautiful that it could change anyone's mood from glum to joy.
—Guest granny

Lemon Verbena

Whenever I smell lemon verbena, I remember my granpa rubbing its leaves under his nose, so pleased! I loved him and his favorite plant.
—Guest laurax3

FourO'clocks smell oh so good at night

I love the smell that floats off the mounds of Four O'clock flower, when sitting out at night love how the breeze carries the gentle fragrance through the air.
—Guest suzettesprouts

Favorite scented flower

Lily of the Valley. Think I like that scent more than the Lilac. Hyacinths start the spring fragrances though. Love those. and the Jasmine(which I can't grow) is heavenly.

Sweet Smelling Plants

Gardenias, Night Blooming Jasmine and last but not least, the Confederate Jasmine! Planted those in close proximity! WOW!!!!
—Guest Confederate Kimi

Lily of the Valley

Forgotten flower? These spring bloomers have an amazing scent.why do I nver hear about them anymore?
—Guest Karen


The scent sends me toy youth, growing up on the prairies where growing flowers is always a challenge.
—Guest Maureen

Sarccoca (Sweet Box)

Sarccoca both varieties but rustifolia best. The most wonderful surprise on a winter day, the sweet ,haunting fragrance filling the air around my deck.

Ahh, the scent of flowers...

ANY Bourbon rose, Rugosas, some Hybrid Teas - the Llilac. Don't leave out Sweet Peas, Mock Orange Shrubs and the single delight of Honeysuckles. Plant them all!
—Guest BudsnBlooms

Moon Flower

None has mentioned the moon flower. It is heavenly. A vine that finally blooms in Aug. Flowers are huge but only last a day or two. The vine is full and the scent reminds me of gardenias.
—Guest skybrt

These Roses...

Rose: Mr. Lincoln, Garden Party, Double Delight. They are all breathtaking.


Need a relaxing evening - plant pinks & they will delight you through summer
—Guest cat1940

Westerland Rose

The Westerland rose has a magnificent scent. Its intoxicating!
—Guest Donna C

North Carolina Spice Bush

My favorite above all is probably the North Carolina Spice bush. When it blooms my whole yard smells of something akin to Juicy Fruit Gum.
—Guest Pat

Sweet Peas (:

They smell FANTASTIC. I put them in my room so thee can "freshen" it up. :D
—Guest smilieemonster

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What's Your Favorite Fragrant Flower

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