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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Fragrant Flower

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It's getting harder and harder to find flowers with great fragrance. What plants fill your garden with perfumer? Is it an old fashioned rose or maybe a heady lavender? It seems like so many scented flowers are spring beauties, like lilac, mock orange, peonies and sweet peas, that are gone before your get your fill. What are your favorite fragrant flowers to grow?

Westerland Rose

The Westerland rose has a magnificent scent. Its intoxicating!
—Guest Donna C

North Carolina Spice Bush

My favorite above all is probably the North Carolina Spice bush. When it blooms my whole yard smells of something akin to Juicy Fruit Gum.
—Guest Pat

Sweet Peas (:

They smell FANTASTIC. I put them in my room so thee can "freshen" it up. :D
—Guest smilieemonster

Roses and Lavender

I am a Rose freak and there is no such thing as 1 Rose. But adding the lavender is a real treat for your nose.

Lilac, Honeysuckle, Rugosa Rose

Old fashion Lilac, tartarian honeysuckle, old garden roses and rugosa roses,mock orange, peony and sweet pea grow here in z. 3/4.
—Guest Alaskan

Two Favorites

Dianthus is one of my favorites. Astilabe also has a great scent
—Guest Barb

Old Fashioned Petunia

I like old fashioned reseeding petunias as the fragrance lasts all summer and smells so good, especially in the evening, with or without breeze.
—Guest kaynettle

Summer Fragrance in the evening

Mirabilis, the old fashioned 4:00's, epitomize for me the fragrance of summer. I grow the fuchsia ones from a gnarled, black, cantelope-sized tuber that is over 10 years old, dug up every fall and stored in my garage for winter. Mirabilis also comes readily from seed. Cut it back after the first flush of blossoms is waning and another will come for late summer. Zone 6, southeastern PA
—Guest waking dream

Fragrant Flower & Rose Bush

Lavender Plant is my favourite flower and David Austin Fragrant English Rose scent unbelievable
—Guest Sandy Ward

Fragrant Flower

'Julia Child' Rose. The most beautiful fragrance and a bright bright yellow
—Guest barbara phillips

Evening Rocket & Peony

I think "Evening rocket" (Hesperis matronalis) is pretty cool. And also the "peony" (Paeonia lactiflora).
—Guest Eloy

Gardenia in CT !

Hoping my plant survives, hardy to z7, so they said...first year out in the winter... and ready to enjoy its fragrance!

Many Favorites

I have lilacs in the spring, lily of the valley in early summer, and lavender all summer long. Favorites scents I'd really like to have are Jasmine,Wisteria, Gardenias, and Freesias. If I had those my garden would be complete.

Sweet Olive

A common, very fragrant shrub in New Orleans, LA is "Sweet Olive". It was planted near the entrance of the house or walkway to scent the approach to the house that often smelled like horse manure. Many of the original horse-and-buggy streets still exist and so does the habit of planting "Sweet Olive". It blooms when there is a temperature change of 20 degrees F. in the atmosphere. This usually occurs in the fall. It is a heady, fruity scent. Almost like Juicyfruit gum.
—Guest NOLAGardener

More Fragrant Choices

wisteria, Carolina jasmine, mimosa trees, lily of the valley, magnolia trees
—Guest Doris Lindsay

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