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Readers Respond: How to Keep Squirrels from Raiding Your Fruit & Nut Trees

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Squirrels just seem to know when to it's time to raid your fruit and nut trees. They are experts at getting to our harvests the day before we plan to do it ourselves. How have you outwitted squirrels? If you've had some success keeping squirrels from stealing the fruits right off your trees, please, please, please let us know what you did. Share Your Tips

Stocking Apple Protecters

I cut stocking legs up in sections, knot one end & slip it over each apple, then tie a little side knot to make it snug. It grows with the apple and I get to keep as many apples as I am willing to cover! This works year after year.
—Guest Gigi

I know trick

No joke coffe grounds and piss they will never come back.
—Guest Joe

Squirrel eliminator

Purchase an ultimate squirrel trap, bait the trap and get rid of them one by one. This trap does the job.
—Guest Jake


I keep telling my boyfriend to not shoot them with the pellet gun....what else is a squirrel to do? They are following their natural instinct!
—Guest italia

Get Rid of Squirrels

Purchase rubber snakes from 3 to 4 ft. long. Place them at the foot of and in the trees. The snakes will spook the squirrels and the problem is gone. I have not seen a squirrel in my yard for three years.

Stinky Dogbed Scarecrow

Here is another idea on how to scare off squirrels. If you have dog and an extra dog bed that is stinky and unwashed, put it up in a food tree — or place wherever you want to scare off squirrels and other rodents. This tactic has been successfully working here.
—Guest PassingThrough

Keep squirrel off tree

Squirrels made to climb trees, just like mosquitoes are made to bite. I use 15” x 10 feet aluminum flashing I wrap around bottom of tree trunk! I have a 2 foot pecan tree 90 feet high. Squirrel arrive like clock work on August 15th each year and 4 days later the tree is completely striped of all the green nuts, which would kill a human if only few are eaten at this time. Small trees try 6-10” flashing. Squirrels can jump 4 feet or more, so if any branch of tree is that close to a neighboring tree or ground this will not work, unless you trim or cut neighboring tree down. I have seen them go up to 95 feet in neighboring trees and jump down to 60 foot level on pecan tree. If they miss they just fall 90 feet to ground and try again. I use one tack on one corner of flashing and wrap upward and tack end. Do the same upward for next sheet. If you start on top and come down the squirrel will climb up the top of flashing edges to your dismay. If a tack is showing halfway they can use it to

Whatever it Takes

I'm with indyvic, shoot the hairy rats, but in my case more is required. Maybe try trapping cages, scarecrows, poisoned seeds, etc in addition. They are out of control!
—Guest bubba

Squirrel, Deer & Rabbit Deterrent

Mix one pkg. egg yoke egg beaters with a gallon of water and spray everything and it will keep them all away.
—Guest Bud Wheeler

Trap and Re-Locate

use a live trap and bring them out in the country at least 10 miles away otherwise they will be back before you know it. [Note: Mama squirrels will travel a long way to get back to their babies. Also, check with your local Extension or Dept. of Environmental Protection to find out what animals can be relocated.]
—Guest richard veldstra



Stop squirrels from stealing plums

I have started harvesting my plums just before they turn red and let them ripen fully in a bag with a ripe apple indoors to prevent squirrels from stealing them.
—Guest Randall


I have recently lost five plants due to squirrel invasion and finally decided to do something I heard from grandparents, and cover my plants soil with old garlic cloves cut and chopped THEY HATE THE SMELL OF THEM...so far it is working, lost gladiolla, tomatoe, strawberry, they ate anything in site
—Guest benny


I have dwarf apple trees that have proven to be easy pickings for our squirrel population. My best solution has been to hang a birdfeeder filled with sunflower seeds nearby and keep it full. Fruit damage has been minimized.

Shoot Them

shot them with a pellet gun. this is the very best way to ride your propery of these hairy rats.
—Guest indyvic

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How to Keep Squirrels from Raiding Your Fruit & Nut Trees

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