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Reader Stories: The Garden Tools I Could Not Live Without.

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In gardening, as in most things, the right tool can make the job easier and get it done better. Your choice of garden tools will depend on what type of gardening you are doing, but all of us have a couple of tools we reach for time and again. Some gardeners can do wonders with a flat edge spade, whereas I’m hopeless with anything that doesn’t come to a point. Some of us favor multi-function tools and some clever gardeners have created their own ideal weeder, seeder or whatnot. Every new gardener is faced with the choice of what tools to begin with. Let’s help them out. What are the tools you could not garden without?

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What were the tools you started your garden with and do you think they did a good job?
Which garden tools do you reach for first? Do you tend to use 1 or 2 tools over and over, or match the tool to the job?

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What tips can you share for buying, storing, toting and caring for garden tools?

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