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I Learned from Trial and Error

Share Your Story: How I Started Gardening.

By susygirl

My gardens now.

Looking lovely and I am glad I kept trying

How I share my love of gardening with others?

People comment on my garden when they come and visit and also I talk to friends about how they have managed getting plants to grow.

Who or what inspired me to garden.

I was about 2 years old when I used to watch my Auntie Sylvia and then I remember about 11 years old watching my Dad put in seeds and watering, then things would grow.

How I learned to garden.

I learned from trial and error, asking friends how they manage their garden and also the internet.

I live in Coober Pedy in hot dry desert and the soil is sandstone which is great for dugouts so I have had to truck in soil that is viable and asking the locals for information has been beneficial because no other source has helped like local knowledge.

I found the rabbits and kangaroos were eating plants so a fence went up, then I found bugs were a threat, then I found that some of the birds liked the fresh new leaves on the citrus and the River Red Gum so I had to put wire over the citrus as the damage may have destroyed the trees.

Lessons learned

  • Never give up, if a certain plant dies, it can be worth trying the same plant again, maybe a native to the area will grow.
  • Following a friends advice and using Tomato dust.

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