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High Country Gardens

Share Your Story: My Favorite Garden Catalogs

By BSundberg

What they Sell.

Drought tolerant plants; High elevation gardening; Heirloom seeds; xeriscape perennials.

Online Address (url)


Company Name and Address

High Country Gardens

2902 Rufina Street Santa Fe, NM 87507

1-800-925-9387 | 1-505-438-3031

Why I Particularly Like this Catalog.

Inspiring gardens and gardening tips. Great information for high-altitude gardening and low water use gardening or tips for drought resistant gardening. Beautiful, healthy plants and new ideas for successful soil replenishment when necessary. Have most any type of gardening tool available for purchase.


  • I've ordered a variety of seeds with great luck. Visit their beautiful sample of gardens if you are in Santa Fe, NM.
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