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Reader Stories: My Favorite Garden Catalogs


Favorite garden catalogs for plants, tools and garden accessories.

PineTree Garden Seeds

Seeds are in packets sized for home gardeners, and prices are very reasonable. Shipping and handling is also inexpensive. PineTree offers a wide selection of seeds, especially heirloom and open-polli…More

David Austin English Roses

Absolutely GORGEOUS roses, wonderful tips for growing English roses in the US, beautiful photos & the some of the most thorough descriptions of their plants that I've ever seen in any catalog. These …More

Irish Eyes Garden Seeds

Lots of information on seeds and how to plant. Every thing is organic. They have lovely pictures that give you a good idea or what it should look like. Wonderful heirloom seeds. There are vegetables …More

Totally Tomatoes

Great selection of tomatoes and pepper seeds and they have bulk seeds also. Many old standby types and new ones also. You will be educated as you read their information. I am simply delighted with th…More

Park Seed Company

Great free color catalog filled with many selections of flowers and vegetables not to mention ornamental and fruit vines.This company has been in business for many years and is very reputable.They of…More

Sandhill Preservation Center

You can find all kinds of neat heirloom seeds (sometimes already sold out for the year if you wait too long so I guess I shouldn't tell you about them). Their prices are reasonable for heirlooms and …More

Bountiful Gardens

The mission that Bountiful Gardens is committed to is positive on a global scale. Their selections are varied and their prices are reasonable. Bountiful Gardens works to feed peoples and to make a be…More

Pinetree Garden Seeds

They have unique vegetable seeds and a great selection of heirlooms at more reasonable prices than anyone else I have been able to find. They have 30 years of experience in the seed business and are …More

Henry Fields Seed and Nursery Co.

They sell 1/2 pound and 2 pound packages of bean seed, large packages of cylindrical beets and large packages of snap pea seed at reasonable prices. I need larger quantities of these things. They als…More

One Green World

They have really great nursury stock and lots of things that are hard to find else where. They only sell the cultivars that they have had the best luck with getting fruit from. Besides the usual frui…More

High Country Gardens

Inspiring gardens and gardening tips. Great information for high-altitude gardening and low water use gardening or tips for drought resistant gardening. Beautiful, healthy plants and new ideas for su…More

Wildseed Farms

Each wildflower has a large general description. Generally then for each item they indicate the average planting success, height, germination, sowing depth, blooming period, average seeds per lb, see…More

Summer Hill Seeds

They sell a nice selection of unique and rare seeds both annual and perennial. I have been purchasing New Guinea Impatiens as well as different varieties of the regular impatiens from them. Love the …More

Bountiful Gardens

First of all, the inside of the catalog is not in color. They are non-profit and don't use their money for a fancy catalog. The seeds are heirloom variety, untreated, open-pollinated, and unusual. So…More

Seneca Hill Perennials

They carry many asclepias. I love the same family of plants. They are always pushing the hardiness of plants. The owner appreciates unusual plants. An interesting selection.AAll the plants I've order…More

Plant Delights Nursery

good photos-thumbnails and an option to click for bigger photos. big healthy plants, amusing but informative catalog. they keep you posted with changing information on hardiness.Big hosta section, a …More

White Flower Farm

I love unusual plants. I don't want to see in a catalogue what I can buy at any gardening center of box store.Also they have been in business since 1950. This says something about a business. Not sur…More

White Flower Farm

Like children I fell in love with their pictures. Also the flower designs make you fell good (designs for planters). Planting info comes with each shipment. If you still have questions e mail or call…More


Very fast service and and very generous amount of seeds for the money. All the packets are dated and I even called and had them replace a packet that was one year from the plant by date with no quest…More

White Flower Farm

This catalog is a must in my book. It's beautiful, colorful, has tons of info, is practically an encyclopedia. The collections can be a great buy! I especially love the oriental lily collections they…More

Raintree Nursery

They have great charts for cross pollination, pear trees, apples, etc. Easy to read and understand.Second, they have all sorts of edible plants that are easy care and that I've never heard of before.…More

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

The company is super helpful. They offer a good variety of organic and heirloom seed options. They are right here in Virginia and promote varieties that do well in the Mid-Atlantic Area.I really like…More


Great presentation - it makes me want to order so many things! I go through once marking everything I like then have to make a shortlist.They have specials if you order early. When some dutch irises …More


So much information, the Bible of all seed catalogs, have ordered often and have had wonderful success with the seeds I have purchased from them. Lots of wonderful information about starting the seed…More

Garden City Seeds

Wide array of choices. Non-GMO plants. Single orders can be staged based on when you want to receive materials. They now carry a full line of flower and vegetable seeds. See note on the company's exp…More

Bountiful Gardens

The variety of items are wonderful and the descriptions are very helpful. The large variety of seeds means you never have to order the same thing twice. It also helps to support a non-profit organiza…More

Indiana Berry and Plant Company

This catalogue is a great resource for those who think they want to start growing their own small fruits. They give comprehensive information about planting sites and planting, care, fertilization, h…More

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