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Reader Stories: My Favorite Garden Catalogs


Favorite garden catalogs for plants, tools and garden accessories.

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Arbico Organics

The selection of products for organic gardeners is unsurpassed and their customer service is excellent. When you call during normal work hours there is always someone available to help guide you and …More

R. H. Shumway's

*** They have a lot of different seed varieties. Their prices are VERY VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! Their cataloge prictures are really really cool!!!!!! They also provide FREE EXPERIMENTAL SEED I have found…More

Pepper Joe's

hard to find seeds & great,prompt service!! Joe sends newsletters and updates on the latest hot pepper news and is among the few suppliers of the carolina reaper pepper seeds which were recently(11/1…More

Collections Etc.

I love this catalog because it has nice gifts.. for the family, the house, and most of all decorations for my house plants and garden. The prices are very reasonable. I also have favorite and odd ite…More

Territorial Seed

Wonderfully designed, complete growing instructions regarding each vegeteable, # of days from germination to harvest, great pictures and description of each flower/vegetable... Have been using for pa…More

Forestfarm at Pacifica

They over 5,000 kinds of plants. The selection is mind boggling. Most every hardy plant you can think of is in there. The catalog also has lots of interesting plant use information, line drawings, li…More

PineTree Garden Seeds

Seeds are in packets sized for home gardeners, and prices are very reasonable. Shipping and handling is also inexpensive. PineTree offers a wide selection of seeds, especially heirloom and open-polli…More

David Austin English Roses

Absolutely GORGEOUS roses, wonderful tips for growing English roses in the US, beautiful photos & the some of the most thorough descriptions of their plants that I've ever seen in any catalog. These …More

Irish Eyes Garden Seeds

Lots of information on seeds and how to plant. Every thing is organic. They have lovely pictures that give you a good idea or what it should look like. Wonderful heirloom seeds. There are vegetables …More

Totally Tomatoes

Great selection of tomatoes and pepper seeds and they have bulk seeds also. Many old standby types and new ones also. You will be educated as you read their information. I am simply delighted with th…More

Park Seed Company

Great free color catalog filled with many selections of flowers and vegetables not to mention ornamental and fruit vines.This company has been in business for many years and is very reputable.They of…More

Sandhill Preservation Center

You can find all kinds of neat heirloom seeds (sometimes already sold out for the year if you wait too long so I guess I shouldn't tell you about them). Their prices are reasonable for heirlooms and …More

Bountiful Gardens

The mission that Bountiful Gardens is committed to is positive on a global scale. Their selections are varied and their prices are reasonable. Bountiful Gardens works to feed peoples and to make a be…More

Pinetree Garden Seeds

They have unique vegetable seeds and a great selection of heirlooms at more reasonable prices than anyone else I have been able to find. They have 30 years of experience in the seed business and are …More

Henry Fields Seed and Nursery Co.

They sell 1/2 pound and 2 pound packages of bean seed, large packages of cylindrical beets and large packages of snap pea seed at reasonable prices. I need larger quantities of these things. They als…More

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