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Water gardening never looks as good as during the dog days of summer. I have a tiny 6 x 8' raised pond and I find it is just enough to let me play with water plants, cool the birds, add some sound to the garden and keep the cats amused. The three gardeners featured here each created very personal water gardens. I hope they'll provide you with some inspiration for designing your own water garden.
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Backyard Frog PondBackyard Frog PondBackyard Pond in VirginiaWater Gardening and PetsFrozen Backyard Pond in WinterWinter InterestBird at Frozen PondBird Visiting Frozen Pond
Water Garden Pond in PakistanGarden Paradise in PakistanWater Garden in PakistanSeating by the Backyard PondWater Gardening in PakistanA View From a BridgeHome Water Garden in PakistanInviting Nature
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