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'Chicago Peace' Rose

From the Gardens of Vicky (WingsAFlutter)


Photo of 'Chicago Peace' Rose

Photo of 'Chicago Peace' Rose

Photo Courtesy of Vicky (WingzAFlutter)
If you're an About Gardening Forum member, you know Vicky very well. She's from Picayune, MS and we temporarily lost touch with her last year after Hurricaine Katrina. Thankfully both Vicky and most of her garden are back and this beauty she's sharing with us today is a 'Chicago Peace' hybrid tea rose.

‘Chicago Peace’ is a variant of the renowned ‘Peace’ rose, that was discovered by a grower living in Chicago. On ‘Chicago Peace’, the pink edging is richer and can spread throughout the petals, as you see here. The reverse is an intense coppery gold.

While ‘Chicago Peace’ is stunning, it has the bad habit of reverting to one of its parents. To keep it stable, remove any stems that appear to be reverting.

‘Chicago Peace’ loves the heat and is also hardy down to USDA Zone 5. I must assume it doesn’t mind the wind either, being from Chicago. Bloom time is late spring / early summer, with periodic rebloom.

Be cautious handling ‘Chicago Peace’, because it can get very thorny. It is also susceptible to fungus diseases and it’s not particularly fragrant.

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