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Photos of Rose Blossoms from Readers Gardens


It doesn't seem roses excite to many of you photographers out there. Although many sent in photos of your first, highly anticipated tomato, I received only 4 rose photos. All pink, oddly. Here they are in all their glory.

NOTE: Since first publishing this photo gallery, I received several photos from Shahzad Ahmed in Islamabad, Pakistan. Shahzad has a very impressive rose garden, which I'm sure you'll enjoy viewing. So I hope you'll take another tour through the Rose Photo Gallery.

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Photo of Climbing Rose 'Polka'Climbing Rose 'Polka'Photo of 'Chicago Peace' Rose'Chicago Peace' RosePhoto of Unknown Old French RoseUnidentified Old RosePhoto of Unidentified RoseIs This Your Rose?
Rose Garden in PakistanRose Garden in PakistanPhoto of a Rose StandardRose StandardRose Bushes in Pakistani GardenRose Bushes in Shahzad's GardenPhoto of Pakistani Rose GardenA Backdrop for Roses
Two-Tone RoseTwo-Tone RoseRose Bud UnfurlingRose Bud UnfurlingBusy Bee in Yellow RoseBusy BeePhoto of Pink and Gold RosePink and Gold Rose
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