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I wrote about caring for perennials at Christmas time and received a comment from a reader, Susan, who said she'd been growing poinsettia for 20 years and all she did to get them to rebloom was "...chop them back in the "A" months (April and Aug). If I cut the end of beginning of Aug. I get poinsettia flowers in full bloom for Thanksgiving, but if I wait until the end of Aug. I get the flowers for Xmas. Tourists always pull over in front of my house and take their pictures with my poinsettias as the back drop."

Needless to say, we were all intrigued about where Susan was gardening. It turned out to be the Big Island of Hawaii in Kailua Kona. Lucky Susan and lucky poinsettias. Susan has graciously shared some photos of her poinsettia shrubs, as well as some equally festive Heliconia. Thanks, Susan.

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Poinsettia Shrub in HawaiiPoinsettia Shrub in a Hawaiian GardenPoinsettia Shrub in BloomGetting a Perennial Poinsettia to BloomPoinsettia as a PerennialPoinsettia as a PerennialPoinsettia Shrub with Woody StemsCheck Out This Poinsettia Shrub's Woody Stems
Red Heliconia CaribaeaRed Heliconia CaribaeaYellow Heliconia caribaeaYellow Heliconia caribaeaHeliconia wagneriana "Rainbow"Heliconia wagneriana "Rainbow"Heliconia collinsianaHeliconia collinsiana
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