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Turban or Turk’s Cap (Cucurbita maxima)


Growing Winter Squash - Turks Turban Squash

Turks Turban Squash

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Turban squash are very distinctive, looking more like ornamental gourds than edible fruits. In fact, they are probably more popular for their decorativeness than for their taste, since the flesh is not that sweet even when ripe. Turbans are shaped like a large Buttercup, but most are orange or multi-colored (orange, green & white), with a very large knob on the flower end. The flesh is moister than most squash and is good in soups.

110 days to harvest.


  • ’ Turk’s Turban’ (H/OP) Has a shorter vine than the species Turban (8 - 10 feet)

H - Heirloom
OP - Open Pollinated

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