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Top 10 Gifts for Gardeners - Stocking Stuffers


Choosing gifts for gardeners is easy. There's always some garden tool or toy they've been wanting to try. Here's a list of 10 gardening gifts small enough to stuff in a stocking and priced at $20 or less. Got some ideas o your own? Share them on our garden gift wish list.

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1. Garden Bon Bons

Garden Seed Bon Bons
Photo Courtesy of Moulton

I still love this idea. As charming as a box of fine chocolates and much less fattening. These bon bons are made of seeds, organic compost and clay. It's an instant way to plant, fertilize and prevent birds and insects from eating your seeds.

My new favorite is the Cocktail garnish - Slow Drinks Garden Bon Bons, with borage, lemon balm and basil. The Italian Herb Selection comes with basil, chives, parsley and thyme and the Herbal Tea box has seeds of lemon balm, chamomile, borage and stinging nettleLemon Balm/Melissa officinalis. Just toss them in a sunny part of your garden, water and be patient. The hard part is parting with the adorable bon bons.

2. Folding Pruning Saw

Photo Provided by PriceGrabber
When a hand pruner won't cut it, a convenient pruning saw is what you reach for next. Corona makes excellent, long lasting tools. This saw has a 14 in. curved, tempered steel blade with 6 teeth per inch. When you don't need it, it folds up into its wooden handle. (Make sure you fold it closed, before you stuff it in the stocking.)
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3. Herb Plant Markers

Photo Provided by Gardener's Supply Co.

Finding attractive plant markers is not always easy. For the windowsill or the garden, these powder-coated steel herb markers will make sure no one picks the rosemary with the thyme.

4. Hanging Glass Tube Vase

Hanging Vase
Photo: PriceGrabber

Sometimes you just want one or two perfect blooms next to your chair or desk, right? This tubular vase is made of recycled glass dangles from a black metal wall-mounted hanger (included). The vase is 8 in. tall and just wide enough for a couple of stems or a branch of lucky bamboo.

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5. Pocket Notepad with Pen

Photo Provided by PriceGrabber

When you're out in the garden, all kinds of ideas come to you; the perfect plant complement, the need for more fertilizer, the line of a poem. You always think you'll remember it, but you don't. A notepad may seem an odd gift for a gardener, but it's an invaluable tool. And this cream print pad from K & Company keeps a pen handy too.

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6. Seed Packets

Finally nurseries have wised up and are putting seed packets out early enough to scoop some up as stocking stuffers. You can choose things that will grow indoors, like basil and chives, maybe pull together a bouquet of black-eyed Susans, statice and baby's breath, choose some of your favorites to share or just grab and assortment. You could even give some seeds from your own garden. Can't decide? How about a gift certificate to a local garden center or a mail order seed company.

7. Blade Sharpener

Photo Provided by PriceGrabber

A sharp edge makes work easier and this little tool takes the drudgery out of sharpening. Small enough to tuck in your pocket or garden bag, but versatile enough to sharpen pruners, hoes, shovels, even the mower blade. It's safe to use, too, with a full length finger guard. Sharpens with a reversible Diamond Honed Tungsten Carbide blade. Comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. I love mine.

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8. Gardener's Hand Repair Protective Conditioner

No gardener's bag is complete without a tube of heavy duty hand cream. I go through a tube of Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Hand Therapy every summer. It contains shea butter and glycerin, but it's not overly heavy and sticky. And it smells like a walk through the herb garden.
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9. Magazine Subscription

When we're not gardening, we like to read about gardening and any of these magazines will become the gift that keeps giving.

10. A Gift Certificate for an Hour of Your Help in the Garden

You've no idea how much a sincere offer of help will be appreciated. And you never ,know you might fid you enjoy it.

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