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Overwintering Geraniums


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How to Overwinter Geraniums by Storing Them Dormant
Store Potted Geraniums by Keeping them in the Dark.

Store Potted Geraniums by Keeping them in the Dark.

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If I’m going to overwinter full-size geranium plants, this is the method I choose. You basically tuck them away and pull them out again in the spring.

A cool, unheated basement is ideal for storing dormant geraniums. And this is one time when a slightly damp basement is a plus. You want a storage spot where the geraniums will stay cold, but above freezing, where they’ll remain in the dark and where they won’t dry out completely.

There are 2 approaches, potted or bare root:

Potted Storage

  1. Pot up your geraniums and allow the soil to dry out.

  2. Cut the plants back by about half.

  3. Top each plant with an overturned paper bag.

  4. Store in a cool, dry location.

  5. Check every few weeks to make sure the plants are shriveling or drying out completely. If they are, spray them with water or slightly water the root area. Allow the plant to dry off before replacing the paper bag.

Continue reading to see how to store your geraniums outside their pots, bare root.

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