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Gardening To Do List - January in the Garden

Regional Gardening Guide for January


Place the Cuttings in a Plastic Bag

Place the Cuttings in a Plastic Bag, which will act as a mini greenhouse.

Marie Iannotti

The catalogs have arrived and we all have grand visions of our new, improved gardens. But right now about all most of us can do is get things pruned and ready for new growth. If you live in a warmer climate, I hope you're taking advantage of the cool, wet months of winter to indulge in sweet peas and salad greens.

Whether you're staying warm indoors and gardening vicariously or you're outside getting things in order, here are a few more regional gardening tips to help you get through winter.


Cold Climates

  • Do some winter sowing to get a head start on both vegetables and flowers that need stratification.
  • Zones 7+ can start seeds of slow growing cool season vegetables like cauliflower, leeks and annual flowers like ageratum, geranium, nicotiana, petunias, portulaca, snapdragons and verbena, indoors.
  • Check outdoor plants for animal damage.
  • Check houseplants plants for indoor pests.

No. CA & NW

  • Check mulch. Add more to paths for weed suppression.
  • Protect tender plants with some type of row cover when cold nights are predicted
  • Plant bareroot roses & fruit trees.
  • Start asparagus, and artichokes.
  • Finish pruning trees, perennials and roses.

So. CA


  • Sow cool season crops like broccoli, cabbage, greens, onions, peas, and turnips to transplant next month.
  • Plant asparagus.
  • Direct sow carrots, greens & peas at the end of the month.
  • Prune grapes.
  • Set out transplants of cool season flowers like pansies, petunia, snapdragon, sweet pea, and violas.
  • Start pruning roses.
  • Keep watering evergreens.


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