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A New Double Hardy Geranium - Geranium x oxonianum ‘Southcombe Double’

Different, in a Good Way


Geranium 'Southcombe Double'

Geranium 'Southcombe Double'

Photo Courtesy of Van Bourgondien (http://www.dutchbulbs.com/bulbs)

Some of the most recent geranium introductions hardly look like geraniums at all. Geranium x oxonianum ‘Southcombe Double’ doesn’t have the typical cup-shaped geranium flowers to give it away, but deeply divided foliage and hardy manner say geranium loud and clear.

Geranium ‘Southcombe Double’ fluffy blossoms that are layers of slender pink petals. The profuse flowers are kind of a cross between an aster and a scabiosa. The bright pink holds its color well in full sun. ‘Southcombe Double’ tends to begin blooming later in the season than most true geraniums. It gets started in the heat of the summer and goes on into fall.

The foliage is similar to the lacy leaves of Geranium sanguineum and it stays attractive through most of the growing season, which is lucky because Geranium ‘Southcombe Double’ is a compact plant that’s ideal for the front of a border. If the plant should become a bit ragged from too much blooming, simply shear it back and it will revive in the traditional hardy geranium fashion.

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