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Not All Coneflowers are Created Purple

If You Think You Know Everything There is to Know About Coneflowers...


Echinacea, or coneflowers, are well know to gardeners. They're North American natives, but they've traveled widely. The name coneflower is readily explained by the way the petals sweep back and downward, forming a cone. The name Echinacea is from the Greek word for spiny, echino and is a reference to the pincushion center.

The reason these perennial flowers are so well known is because they grow so well and are so widely adaptable; drought tolerant, long blooming and very low maintenance.

Nothing intrigues a plant breeder more than playing with a plant that's loaded with great attributes. Sometimes this means sacrificing one attribute for the sake of another; color over fragrance, more blooms, less height. Sometimes it works out to everyone's benefit. That's seems to be the case with Echinacea. The new varieties showcased here are no longer purple, some aren't even cone-shaped. But they are all easy growing in glorious colors and many are fragrant. Take a look.

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Echinacea purpurea 'Green Envy'A Bi-Colored Coneflower that Blushes All SeasonEchinacea 'Fragrant Angel' - A Fragrant ConeflowerIt Might Look Like a Daisy, But It Has All the Great Features of a Coneflower.Echinacea 'Pink Double Delight' - Yes, it's a ConeflowerA Coneflower Rebelling Against Its Parents or Just Having a Bad Hair Day?Echinacea 'Twilight' (Big Sky Series)I Want to See the Sky that Inspired this Echinacea.
Echinacea 'Sunrise' (Big Sky Series)A Buttery Lemon Plant to Make 'Moonbean' Coreopsis NervousEchinacea 'Sundown' (Big Sky Series)Echinacea 'Sundown' Gives the Fire of the Evening Sky to Mid-Day.Echinacea 'Harvest Moon' (Big Sky Series)The Color and Name Suggest Fall, but 'Harvest Moon' is a Summer Performer.Echinacea 'Sunset' (Big Sky Series)One Last Burst of Color in the Big Sky
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