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Warm Climate Gardening - Gardening in Zones 8 and Above

Warm climate gardening can mean anythiing from areas where snow is rare to the tropics. The articles here are a cross section of ideas and help for gardeners who want to work with their warm climate.
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When to Plant Vegetables in USDA Zones 8, 9, 10 and 11
When to start your vegetable garden, if you are in the warm climates of USDA Zones 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Designing a Water Wise Garden
Planning your garden to use water efficiently at any time of year is a lot easier than trying to keep plants alive during drought. Xeriscaping does just that.

10 Full-Sun, Drought Tolerant Plants
If you have dry, sunny areas on your property and wish to grow plants there, you need to select full-sun plants that are known for their drought-tolerance. Following is a list of perennials that qualify as such full-sun plants.

Spring Flowering Bulbs for Warm Climates
Although many flowering bulbs need a period of chilling to bloom, gardeners in warmer climates can work around this problem, or even choose bulbs that are well suited to mild winters.

Seven Easy Plants for Desert Landscaping
More than cactus grows in the desert and most desert plants are evergreen. So gardening in the desert isn't as odd as it first sounds.

Book Review Top 10 Arizona Wildflower and Cactus Field Guides
Help in choosing native flowers and cactus for your garden.

Trees for Warm Climates
Gardening Australia’s tip picks for trees to grow in warm and tropical climates.

Cactus Flowers - Desert Cactus Blooms (Photo Gallery)
Think you've seen one cactus you've seen them all? Not likely.

Photo Gallery of Desert Plants and Landscapes
Enjoy these desert plant and landscape photographs.

Fruit - The California Backyard Orchard
The Fruit & Nut Research & Info Center of the University of California offers all kinds of advice and fact sheets to help you select and grow your own backyard orchard.

Florida Gardening - Floridata
Plant profiles and growing tips written by and for Florida gardeners. And since the State of Florida covers the span of USDA Zones from 8 - 11, Floridata is useful to other warm climate gardeners.

Western Gardening - Sunset Magazine
Sunset Magazine serves most of the U.S. West. They’re the ones who were dissatisfied with the USDA hardiness zones and came up with their own system of growing regions. Obviously they have a keen interest in gardening and their site offers many resources for western gardeners and gardeners in general.

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