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Rosemary Plants

Choosing a Rosemary Variety for Growing


The true rosemary lover knows there are many subtleties to choose from when selecting a rosemary cultivar.

Flower Color

Rosemary flowers come in shades of blue, pink and white.
  • 'Blue Lady' has blue-violet flowers and a wonderful twisted growth habit.
  • 'Nancy Howard' is another large plant, but with off-white flowers.
  • 'Pinkie' lives up to its name 2 ways. It does indeed have pink flowers. It is also a dwarf rosemary, with small leaves.

Good choices for Rosemary Grown in Pots

  • 'Blue Boy' is a small bush rosemary with proportionally small leaves that grow in clusters.
  • 'Golden Rain' stays compact and small. Its new foliage has a weeping habit and light yellow markings that darken to green.

Chef Favorites

  • 'Miss Jessup', 'Tuscan Blue' and 'Spice Island' are all excellent choices for cooks. The large plants, growing 4-6 feet in the ground, also have large leaves that are very fragrant and hold their flavor when cooked or dried.

Using Rosemary

Rosemary is a triple threat herb. It's ornamental, its fragrant and its delicious. Both the leaves and the flowers are edible. Simply snip off pieces of the stem as you need it.

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