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Urban Garden Tips - Ideas for Taking Advantage of a City Site

Urban gardening can mean anything from a pot or 2 on the fire escape to a plot in a community garden. What they all have in common is how welcome any spot of green is in the middle of concrete. Although urban gardens can take advantage of small garden design tips, there are still more way for city apartment gardeners to get the most from their space.
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Garden Design for Small City Spaces
Urban gardening is much like gardening anywhere, with a few special considerations, like access, permits and extra heat. Here are some tips for getting your urban gardening blooming in no time.

Rooftop Gardening
Rooftop gardening can be an oasis in an urban setting and makes use of otherwise unused space. Before you plant a garden on your roof, here are some questions to take into consideration, when planning a rooftop garden.

Urban Rooftop Gardens
Ideas for getting started with a rooftop container garden. From choosing containers, unique rooftop concerns and good plant choice.

Photos for Urban Gardening Inspiration
Photo gallery of urban gardening ideas, including containers, patios, roof tops, small yards - front and back.

Urban Gardening Wisdom and Advice
Urban gardeners offer advice to others who want to garden in a city setting.See submissions

The City Gardener’s Guide to Worm Composting
Space is no excuse for not composting. The City Gardener here provides a step-by-step pictorial of how to compost in a small bin, under your sink. These little guys are incredible fast at their work and the result is rich in nutrients for your plants. BTW - there’s no odor and very little chance of the worms escaping.

Community Gardening - Community Supported Agriculture
Community Supported Agriculture is a great way for city gardeners to get all the benefits of an abundant vegetable garden. By becoming a share holder in a local farm, you’ll receive your portion of fresh, seasonal vegetables & flowers in exchange for a fee and/or some farm labor. It’s a great way to get your hands dirty. No farm in sight? Participate through a Farmers’ Market.

Urban Gardening - Tips for Urban Gardeners, Small Lawns to Rooftop Containers...
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Starting a Community Garden
Community gardens take a lot of planning. Outlined here are the first steps for starting a community garden.

Community and School Gardeing Advice and Tips
Advice and tips from people who have started or worked on community gardens or school gardens. Getting a community garden started or working with a group of kids takes planning and organization. Learn from others experiences in community and school gardens.See submissions

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