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Maintenance Pruning an Overgrown Apple Tree


Pruning apple trees brings fear and trepidation to gardeners. Pruning apple trees improves the tree's vigor and fruit production. But it just seems so complicated. Take heart. It is almost impossible to kill a tree by pruning it. And most of the intimidating pruning takes place the first 3 years of an apple tree's life. Conquer that and you're 90% done.

You want to accomplish 2 things with maintenance pruning of your apple tree

  1. Encourage fruiting spurs

  2. Open the branches so that sunlight and air can reach all the ripening fruit
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How to Prune Apple Trees - Fruiting SpursThe Main Point Behind Pruning Apple TreesApple Tree Pruning - Removing Dead and Diseased WoodRemove Any Wood that is Unproductive and Attracts ProblemsHow to Prune Apple Trees - Removing Suckers and Water SproutsPruning & Removing Suckers from Apple Tree BranchesPruning Apple Trees - Removing Low BranchesPruning Low Branches
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The Final Effect - A Well Pruned Apple TreeHere's What You're Aiming For
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