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Top 3 Pole Tree Pruners - No Branch is Out of Your Pruning Reac


Sometimes there's a damaged branch, just out of reach. Or maybe you need to open the canopy or snip off crossing branches. It's frustrating when there's a branch you can't get to it. Ladders are fine, but pruning requires stability and balance.

Some clever person came up with pole pruners. How brilliant to attach a long handle to a saw blade. Two words of caution: It can be tougher on your back than you expect and please don't stand under the branch you are cutting. That said, here are some well made pole pruners to consider. Find more on what to look for in a pole pruner and pruning saws in general here.

1. Fiskars GTTele Pole Tree Pruner

Fiskars GTTele Pole Tree Pruner
The pole on this pruner is an extendable, telescoping 12'. That's a reasonable height to lift and still control. The pole is lightweight fiberglass. The blade itself is non-stick, 12" cast aluminum.

Most pole pruners work on some type of rope and pulley system. You do not actually have to move the pole, but getting it in the right place can be challenge enough. Once it's in position, you work the rope, which works the blade. It's only recommended for branches about 1" thick. Not much, but it'll help in opening canopies and thinning. The last thing you want is a large branch falling toward you anyway.

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2. Remington® Electric Pole Saw/Chain Saw

Remington® Electric Pole Saw/Chain Saw
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber.com.
Electric tools come with the hassle of a cord, but they're much lighter than gas powered models and that matters when you're working up a tree. This is a relatively inexpensive model that works quite well on branches up to about 10" in diameter. It can be used as either a regular chain saw or as a pole pruner, with the included extension pole. The fiberglass and aluminum pole extends 15' and the cutting bar itself is 10" long. Safety features include a chain grabbers, for broken or derailed chains, and front and rear hand guards. Some reviewers have complained that the bushing burned after prolonged use, so it may not be the best choice for continual operation. But as a handy tool when you need it, it's a good deal.
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3. Black & Decker 18V Cordless Pole Saw

Black & Decker 18V Cordless Pole Saw
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber.com
This is a lightweight, easy-starting, battery powered pruner that gets high marks from users. It only comes with one battery, which (depending on what you are cutting) doesn't last through a whole day's worth of cutting, but it is interchangeable with other B & D 18V batteries, in case you have others in this tool line. The chain is 8" long and the pole reaches up to 14'. Branches up to about 6" in diameter should be no problem.
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