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Top 10 Garden Wheelbarrows and Carts


Garden wheelbarrows and carts are indispensable garden tools. There will always be things to haul around the garden and there is no substitution for a wheelbarrow or garden cart. Which will suit your needs? Read here for things to consider when selecting a wheelbarrow or garden cart. and make a decision on what would work best in your garden. Then look back here at the 10 Top Picks of Wheelbarrows and Garden Carts.

1. Ames 6 cu. ft. Contractor Wheelbarrow

This Jackson brand high quality heavy gauge 6 cu. ft. seamless steel wheelbarrow provides functionality at a reasonable price. Traditional wheelbarrow style with a single, front pneumatic wheel for stability, it also comes with heavy duty steel tray braces, for added strength and support when pouring heavy loads.
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2. 6 Cu. Ft. Double Wheel Wheelbarrow by Brentwood Industries

A 6 cubic foot tray is a good, all-purpose wheelbarrow size. Having 2 front wheels provides more stability than the standard single front wheel, but decreases maneuverability. The model shown here has a UV stabilized cold rolled steel undercarriage, 60" hardwood handles and 4.80-8 2 ply pneumatic tires. It also comes with a 5 year limited warranty.
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3. 8 Cube Single Wheel Wheelbarrow by Brentwood Industries

Traditional wheelbarrow style with a deep, 8 cu. ft. bucket and a single front tire. The undercarriage is cold rolled steel. The size and construction are a good choice for heavy-duty jobs. Comes with a 5 year limited.
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4. NuBarro XL Wheelbarrow

Need a wheelbarrow for use on sand, snow, mud or gravel? NuBarro wheelbarrows come with a kickball size polypropylene wheel that rotates on ball bearings and, they claim, is practically impossible to puncture, never needs inflation, is heat and acid resistant and supports up to 750 lbs. Nubarros are ergonomically designed to make it easier on the body when lifting, turning and dumping. Volume is either 3 (Model L)or 4 (Models XL, XL Pro) cu. ft. Body is galvanized zinc.
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5. Tilt Wheelbarrow

Two big pluses of this folding wheelbarrow are: 1. Easy storage and 2. It lies flat on the ground for ease of loading and unloading. The nylon construction cleans easily and dries quickly. Comes with a pneumatic wheel for good maneuverability. Holds up to 150 pounds. Good for small yards and lighter loads, like compost or leaves. 11"x47 1/2”x8”
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6. Allsop WheelEasy Collapsible Wheelbarrows

Collapsible wheelbarrows don't have to sacrifice capacity. The WheelEasy weighs in at 21.5 lbs. and can haul up to 350 lbs. As with other folding wheelbarrows, WheelEasy lies flat on the ground for ease of loading and unloading. Cargo is carried lower than in conventional wheelbarrows, providing a lower center of gravity and better stability. The frame is heavy-gauge powder-coated steel and the replaceable bucket is heavy-duty canvas. There is also a smaller model available. 12"x13"x69"
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7. "EZ Haul 5.5 cu ft Garden Cart 14"" Flat-Proof Spoke Wheels"

The EZ Haul is kind of a wheelbarrow/cart hybrid. It has a 5.5 cu. ft. wheelbarrow style bucket that can handle up to 250 lbs. and solid, 14 " spoke wheels for stability and balance. It pulls and tilts like a wheelbarrow, but has the ergonomic design of a cart. The frame is heavy-duty zinc-plated steel and the bucket is recyclable extra-thick poly. 36”x24”x13”
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8. Garden Cart Agri-Fab 7 cu ft

This is a more traditional garden cart with a flat, painted wood bed and 20 " pneumatic tires. It has a carrying capacity of up to 300 lbs. Carts are especially good for moving flats, plants, ornaments and things that you want to lie flat in transport. The front panel removes for easy unloading. 5"x27"x43"
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9. LUV cart : Motorized Lawn Utility Vehicle ( LUV )

A cart that carts itself. The LUVcart garden cart is battery-driven and carries up to 200 lbs. on the 5 cu. ft. bed. Moves forward at a speed of 2 mph on level ground. 2 large front wheel and one smaller rear wheel keep the weight forward, for ease of dumping. Includes 12 volt rechargeable battery. The battery can handle an average of 2 hours of continuous use with a heavy load, or 5 hours of continuous use with a light load. 1 year warranty on cart; 6 months warranty on battery.
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10. Garden Utility Cart

This is a traditional, flat bed gardening cart. Capable of hauling up to 880 lbs., it also has the versatility to carry extra wide loads when the sides are dropped down. Pneumatic wheels allow it to handle tough terrain and four undercarriage cross beams provide overall cargo support. Frame is powder-coated steel and the handle has a foam rubber grip for comfort. Also includes a removable nylon liner for easy cleaning and emptying. 20 1/2"x40"x22"
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