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Top 2 Garden Forks - Choosing A Garden Fork That's Up to the Job


Breaking new ground, removing sod, tilling the garden by hand... These are heavy duty gardening jobs and a good tool will make all the difference. If you have lovely, fluffy soil, from years of amending it - wonderful. You can go straght to the compost fork and by-pass the macho garden fork. If not, find a garden fork you're comfortable with and start digging.

I've also listed a compost fork, although you can get away with using your garden fork for turning compost. But once again, the right tool can make the job easier.

1. Garden Spading Fork

Compost Fork
It's called a spading fork, because both tools are used for digging and aerating soil. Personally, I find it much easier to use a fork, especially in compacted or rocky soil. The head is one piece, heavy-duty forged steel with 4 angular back tines, so the soil should budge before the tines bend. $45.50
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2. Compost Fork

At the other end of the garden fork world there's the compost fork. Compost may happen, but it happens faster if you turn it periodically. You could use a regular garden fork for this, but compost forks have thinner tines that are more widely spaced and curved, so that chunky material doesn't get stuck in the tines and loose material remains cupped and contained. Once you try a compost fork, you learn to appreciate them.

Nine inch head with 5 oval 12 1/2" tines on a 36" hardwood handle with a poly D-grip. Longer handle for extra reach $25 - $40

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