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Tool for the Garden - The Right Tool Can Make Any Garden Task Easier

Having and using the right garden tools can turn a frustrating job into a job well done. Choose your tools wisely and keep them in top condition.
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Garden Tools - Using the Right Tool for the Job
Garden tools can make garden maintenance less of a chore. New gardeners need to stock their garden tool shed with the essentials like, shovels, trowels and rakes

Pruning Tools - Selecting Tools for Pruning Plants, Trees & Shrubs
Pruning plants intimidates gardeners. It shouldn't. Pruning is one of the best things you can do for the plants in your garden and landscape. Becoming proficient at pruning plants just takes experience and the right tools. The basic 4 tools described here will take care of pretty much all your home garden pruning tasks.

Pruners - How to Clean & Sharpen Your Garden Hand Pruners
How to clean and sharpen your garden hand pruners.

Weeding Tools
What's the best way to remove weeds from your lawn and garden? That depends on the type of weed and how many of them there are. You can always hand pull weeds, but sometimes you need the help of weeding tools.

Plant Row Covers
Row Covers, sometimes referred to as Floating Row Covers, are lightweight spun bonded synthetic fabrics that are laid over plants for protection against pests and temperatures. They are light enough to rest on the plants and allow light, water and even fertilizer to get through. Here’s what to look for.

The Garden Tools I Could Not Live Without.
Gardeners recommend the best tools to use in the garden and just which tools a gardener shouldn't be without.

SunStick - Sunlight Gauge for Garden Plants - Review
The SunStick is a new tool for gardeners to measure the sun exposure of various parts of their garden. It's meant to take the guesswork out of determining whether your garden is sunny, partly shady or shady.

Gardening Websites With Really Useful Information
Gardening online is one of the best tools a gardener has. Here is a list of 10 information packed garden diagnostic web sites to answer all your gardening questions.

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