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August in the Garden

Gardening To Do List


For many gardeners the month of August begins the downhill slide into off season. Warm climate gardeners have a second chance, but some don't have a second wind after summer's heat. Your garden is hardier than you think and there are plenty of gardening tasks for August that will keep your flower and vegetable gardens going longer, as well as opportunities to get a head start on next year's garden plans.

Here's a Garden-To-Do List for the sultry month of August:

  • Seed a fall crop of peas and spinach and keep harvesting. There's always something to make with zucchini.

  • Pick herbs for fresh use and for drying. Harvesting will keep them growing longer.

  • Order spring bulbs for planting and forcing.

  • Check that your mulch hasn't decomposed and add more as needed.

  • Spread a mid-season layer of compost or manure.

  • Keep deadheading and harvesting.

  • Leave some annual seeds to self-sow.

  • Start saving seeds and taking cuttings.

  • Remove any diseased foliage now, so it doesn't get lost in the fall leaves.

  • Cut back the foliage of early bloomers like Brunnera and hardy geraniums, to revitalize the plants.

  • Prune summer flowering shrubs as the flowers fade.

  • Trim and feed handing baskets to prolong their beauty.

  • Take pictures of your garden at peak. Take pictures of container combinations you'd like to repeat.

  • Make sure the cold frame is ready to go.

  • Begin dividing perennials. Start with the bearded iris.

  • Pot up perennial divisions for spring plant swaps. Sink the pots into the ground this fall and they'll be one less chore in the spring.

  • Plant trees, shrubs and perennials now, so they can take root, and keep them well watered.

  • Get your fall-blooming crocus and colchicum planted so they'll bloom on time.

  • Zones 1 - 3: Start moving houseplants back indoors, so they get used to the limited sun exposure and humidity. Maybe bring some outdoor plants inside, to over winter, too.

More for Zone 8 and Above

Then sit back and enjoy all you've accomplished!

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