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Seasonal Gardens - Working in the Spring Garden

Spring is probably the busiest season in the garden. Plants are waking up, mulch needs to be removed, winter clean-up has to be done, and all before you can start planting this year's garden.

Spring Cleaning Your Garden - Getting Your Garden Ready to Grow
There s no point in pretending you re not going to be out in your garden the first warm second of spring. While there is no harm in cleaning up fallen branches and debris, wait until the soil is no longer wet enough to form a ball in your hand, before walking on it and compacting it. But don t wait too long to start your clean up. It s much...

Pruning: Perennial Plants to Prune in the Spring
Four season interest in the garden is nice. Dried flowers hold onto snow like frosting. Seed heads feed the birds. But some perennials don’t handle cold weather well. The following list is a recommendation of plants that are best pruned in the spring.

March: Regional Gardening To Do List
Gardening in March can mean very different things, in different areas. Hopefully we will all be able to get outdoors, not just in the warmer climates. But even if winter is hanging on, here are regional gardening tips for everyone.

April: Regional Gardening To Do List
When spring comes, gardeners rush into action. Here's some help to keep you organized and on top of all you want to accomplish in the April Garden

What Needs Doing in the Garden in May
May is when spring gardens start their quick transition into summer. There's a lot to do all at once and being organized is a huge help.

Spring Blooming Flowers
Start the growing season off right by filling your gardens with cool season flowers and vegetables. Some of these plants are hardier than we are and can be planted outdoors even before the threat of frost is past. Others may need a bit of coddling to begin with, but cool spring weather is when they shine, so don t miss out by waiting too long...

Spring Vegetable Gardening
We have to be careful we don't rush our vegetable gardens in the spring. Tender seedlings can easily be damaged by frost. However these vegetables enjoy the cooler temperatures of spring and can get your vegetable garden off to any early start.

Forcing Spring Flowering Trees and Shrubs
Gardeners in cold climates can have an early breath of spring by forcing branches of spring flowering trees and shrubs into bloom. Forcing spring bloomers is an easy task. The hardest part is probably getting yourself outside in the cold, snowy weather.

Exercises for Gardeners - Warming Up for Gardening Season
Gardening is great exercise, but few gardeners warm up and stretch before gardening. The most common gardening injuries are back strain and knee pain. A bit of easy stretching and watching how you move in the garden, can go a long way toward lessening the occurrence of problems. Here are some tips.

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