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Soil - The Beginning of Any Good Garden

Good soil is 90% of the secret to a great garden. Testing, amending and feeding the soil should come before you even think about planting.
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Bulk Soil and Compost Tips
When you need a lot of soil, mulch or compost, it is cheapest and simplest to buy in bulk. Here's what to look for.

Soil Fertility and Growing Plants
Gardening starts with good soil. Good soil is basically soil that has the proper fertility to satisfy a growing plant's needs. What does that mean? Well, click and I'll tell you.

Garden Soil: Why it Matters
Improving your soil is not the fun part of gardening, but it is vitally important. Great soil means your plants will be healthier with less effort on your part. It's the foundation of your garden. Here are tips for determining how good your soil it and how you can make it even better.

Compost - Black Gold for Your Garden Soil
Compost is often called black gold because of its value in improving garden soil. When used as a soil amendment, compost can transform almost any type of soil into good garden soil. It's inexpensive and easy to use, too.

Is Your Compost Safe?
Your compost pile is not a garbage can. Make sure what you put into it is what you wouldn't mind having in your garden.

Mulch Materials and Their Effect in the Garden
Mulch has many uses and comes in many forms. Some feed the soil, some never decompose. Decide what it is you want from a layer of mulch, before you make your selection.

Do Pine Needles Acidify Soil?
That's what we've always been told. Is it true? Should pine needles only be used around acid loving plants or is this just another gardening myth?

What Does "As Soon as the Soil Can Be Worked" Mean?
It's one of the most puzzling questions in gardening. How soon to plant in spring can be tricky. There is no precise time, you have to wait until the soil is thawed, drained and warmed. Here's how to test your soil.

What is Coir?
Coir is a coconut by-product with several uses in the garden. It comes loose or in solid blocks that need to be reconstituted.

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