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Garden Design for Small Spaces

Gardening in a small space has its own rewards and challenges. The basic principles still apply, but when your whole garden can be viewed at once, there's no room for error.

Garden Design for Small Spaces
Gardening in a small space has its limits, but it need not be limiting. In a small garden, the gardener can pay attention to detail. You can keep on top of maintenance, while still having time to sit and enjoy your small garden. In fact, many small space gardens are designed around entertaining and sitting areas, rather then the need to nurture...

Planning a Small Garden - Garden Design
A good site assessment is vital to any garden design. When creating a small garden, every space is important. Where to put the garden, how large to make it and the choice of plants all must be edited, unlike with a small garden. Here’s how to take an honest look at your garden site and what you can hope to plant there.

Plants for a Small Space Garden
Plants make or break a garden and never more so than in a small space. Here are some tips for making the right choices when selecting plants.

Focal Points - Creating Focal Points in a Small Garden
Small gardens can pose difficulties for creating a focal point. Obviously you don’t want to sacrifice your entire garden space to one large plant or tree. But focal points can be scaled to the size of your garden. Even the smallest space could have one unique, flamboyant plant that calls attention to itself.

Patios & Terraces: Small Space Gardening on a Patio or Terrace
Patios and Terraces are now looked at as extensions to our homes, outdoor rooms. They can be linked to the outdoors with some clever planting. Whether you are looking for a way to create a garden at arms length or a way to cut back on gardening without sacrificing the beauty, patio and terrace gardening could be the answer.

Containers & Pots - Making the Most of Container Gardens
Small spaces and containers simply go together. Containers give you the chance to experiment and try different plants. If you don’t like it or a plant is under-performing, it is easy to correct.

But where containers really excel is in control. The gardeners can choose just the right soil, the right exposure and the right cultural conditions.

Front Yards - Small Space Garden Design for Front Yards
If there is one place that small space gardening should be more widely practiced, it is in front yards. Front yards actually lend themselves to gardens. Driveways, walkways, sidewalks and entrances all cry out for some type of soft framing. And even city dweller should have at least a front stoop to fill with flowers.

Growing Vegetables in Limited Space
Don't let the lack of a larger (or any) yard stop you from growing vegetables. You can grow fresh food just about anywhere.

Examples for Designing a Small Garden
Examples of well exectued small garden designs. Photos of small flower gardens, borders, conainers and vegetable gardens.

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