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3 Quick Tips for Starting Plants from Seeds


Starting plants from seeds is an act of faith. Here are 3 seed starting quick tips to give you a slight edge at planting time.

  1. You probably know that soaking hard coated seeds in water, before planting, softens the coating and improves germination. Recent studies suggest that soaking them overnight in compost tea not only softens the coating, but also gives them a boost in growth and in disease resistance. It's worth a try.

  2. If you have large seeds left over from last year, like peas and beans, an easy way to test for their viability is to fill a shallow pan with water and pour the seeds in. If they sink, they're fine. If they float, toss them.

  3. Plant some radish seeds along with your carrots and parsnips. The radishes will sprout quickly, marking the row and loosening the soil for the carrots and parsnips to break through.

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