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Seasonal Garden Projects & Tasks

Each season brings its own "To Do" list to the garden. There's a time to plant, a time to sow and a time to make wreaths to decorate the doors.
  1. Fall in the Garden (44)
  2. Spring in the Garden (9)
  3. Summer in the Garden (6)
  4. Winter in the Garden (25)

Garden Calendar - Things To Do in the Four Season Garden
It seems like there's always something that needs to be done in the garden, but isn't that why we garden in the first place? Here's a monthly overview of some of the more important tasks you won't want to overlook.

January: Regional Gardening To Do List
January in the garden often means gardening vicariously through garden catalogs. For many gardeners, the only winter garden chore is dormant pruning. Whether you're staying warm indoors and dreaming about gardening or you're outside getting things in order, here are a few more regional gardening tips to help you get through winter.

February: Regional Gardening To Do List
February may well be the toughest gardening month. Gardeners in warm climates don't know what kind of weather to expect from day to day or from day to night. Gardeners in cold climates just want to see the sun again. February in the garden is for planning and pruning and for seeing the first signs that spring is around the corner. Here are...

March: Regional Gardening To Do List
Gardening tips for the month of March. Some of you are getting impatient for warm weather, some are well into your growing season. Here are regional tips to keep us all on top of things.

April: Regional Gardening To Do List
April can be a hectic month in the garden. Here are some checklists to keep you organized.

May: Regional Gardening To Do List
It seems everything needs to be done in the garden once May comes around. May is that tricky transition from cool season to the heat of summer. When you plant what depends as much on chance as what zone you are in. Here are some timely tips for regional gardening in May.

June: Regional Gardening To Do List
By June, the garden is in full swing. Everything is planted and growing. Now is the time to begin monitoring your garden, to catch problems early and to keep your plants growing healthy. Here are some timely tips for regional gardening in June.

July: Regional Gardening To Do List
July is an unpredictable month in the garden. Gardeners just have to play it by ear. Here’s a list of garden chores to make help your garden weather the heat of summer. Most importantly, keep a close eye on pests and disease, then sit back and enjoy your garden and all the efforts you put in earlier in the year to get it where it is now.

August: Regional Gardening To Do List
If you're a gardener who thinks that the month of August begins the downhill slide into off season of gardening, think again. Your garden is hardier than you think and there are plenty of gardening tasks for August that will keep your flower and vegetable gardens going longer, as well as opportunities to get a head start on next year's garden...

September: Regional Gardening To Do List
September gardening can mean cool, crisp nights or hot, hazy, Indian summer days. Either way, there’s no time to rest. Short season gardens need to be put to bed. Warmer zones are starting a whole new growing season. Even the southern hemisphere is back in the gardening groove. So here are some monthly gardening tips to get you back out in...

October: Regional Gardening To Do List
Gardening in October is entirely dependent on the weather. If there's an Indian Summer, there is no better time of year to be out in the garden. While gardeners in warm areas will have more to do than their northern counterparts, there are plenty of garden tasks to keep everyone busy in October.

November: Regional Gardening To Do List
November gardens will vary greatly by area. For some it's time to close things down and others are just hitting their stride. Here are some tips for all of you.

December: Regional Gardening To Do List
December gardening chores depend on where you are gardening. Warmer climates are enjoying a relief from the heat and starting to plant in earnest. Up north, we need to be vigilant about pests and problems.

Holiday Plants

Plants play a big role in our holiday celebrations. Whether we're giving holiday plants or using them as decorations, indoors and out, certain plants have become an intrinsic our holiday traditions.

Beautiful as they are in the store, holiday plants don't always make an easy transition into your home. Here are some tips for choosing holiday plants and caring for them through the holi…

Vegetable Planting in Warmer Climates
Not everyone is planning for frost. A lot of you are just gearing up for your main gardening season. Here are links to lists, by state, of planting schedules for the the fall - and winter - vegetable garden.

Making Gourd Bird Houses
Now that you've dried your gourds, you can have some fun making things from them. Bird houses are one of the most popular gourd crafts and they're really easy to do. Best of all, the birds actually use them. Here's how to make yours.

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