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Cinco de Mayo™ 2009 AARS Floribunda Rose


2009 AARS Rose 'Cinco de Mayo'

2009 AARS Rose 'Cinco de Mayo'

Photo Provided by the All America Rose Selections. (http://www.rose.org/)

Cinco de Mayo is a seedling of one of my favorite roses, Julia Child. OK, the color is totally different, but it's still incredible. And Cinco de Mayo inherited Julia Child’s profuse blooming tendency. The photos show off the contrast of the rusty red-orange tones, and what they're calling "smoked lavender".

Cinco de Mayo has a mounding habit and works equally well in the border or as a hedge. Great disease resistance and wide adaptability make it another lower maintenance gem.

  • Class: Floribunda
  • Plant Habit: Very rounded & bushy
  • Stem Length: 54-60”in
  • Flower Color: Indescribable blend of rust-red & lavender-smoke
  • Bud Form: Long & pointed
  • Flower Form: Spiraled & doubles
  • Flower Size: Medium size, up to 3 ½ inch diameter
  • Petal Count: 20 to 25
  • Foliage Color: Deep super-glossy green

  • Hardiness: Not yet labeled
  • Fragrance: Moderate fresh-cut apple

  • Disease Resistance: Excellent

  • Parentage : Topsy Turvey x Julia Child
  • Hybridizer: Tom Carruth
  • Introducer: Weeks Roses
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