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Rainbow Knockout Rose

Rainbow Knockout Rose

Photo Courtesy of AARS

I'm sure every gardener is now familiar with the name 'KnockOut Rose'. The original 'KnockOut' rose has proven its mettle and new versions are always eyed with anticipation. For you organic rose gardeners, 'Rainbow KnockOut' is supposed to be more disease-resistant than its parent, which is no slouch, claiming full resistance to black spot, mildew and rust. What will you do with that shelf full of fungicide? 'Rainbow KnockOut' is even more floriferous than its parent.

'Rainbow Knock Out' has the delicate single-form blossoms of 'KnockOut', in a deep coral-pink with a yellow center. It repeat blooms throughout the season, with an especially welcome burst of color late in the season.

The bush itself is compact and dense, with short stems and glossy, dark green foliage. It's beautiful in the garden, but also a good size for containers. All it's missing is a strong fragrance. The scent is very delicate and you have to get right in there to notice it. Zone 4.

'Rainbow KnockOut' is hybridized by William Radler and is introduced by The Conard Pyle Co. of West Grove, Penn.

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