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Rose Gardens - Growing and Tending Roses

Roses are one of the best loved garden plants, but not all roses are created equal. Successful rose growing starts with choosing varieties suited to your area and giving them the growing conditions and maintenance they need. Growing roses is easier if you know what roses like.
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Rose Gardening 101
Rose gardening basics are all you need to get started as a rose gardener. Growing roses doesn’t have to be a challenge. You can grow a prize winning hybrid tea rose, old fashioned cabbage roses, sprawling ramblers and climbers or the perfect fragrant rose if you know how to care for roses simply. Here are easy to follow planting, pruning and...

How to Plant Roses
How to plant and transplant roses. Tips for getting your rose plants off to a great start.

Soil for Roses
Get your roses well established by providing good soil at planting time. Here's how to amend your soil so that your roses will flourish.

Rose Growing Tips
Successful rose gardening begins with providing the 4 basic elements - earth, water, air and fire.

Choosing Roses for Fragrance
Can you tell how fragrant a rose will be by its color? Here are some tips to keep in mind, if you're looking for a strongly scented rose.

Growing and Caring for Rugosa Roses
Rugosa roses are known as the rugged roses. Although native to Asia, they have certain advantages for western rose gardeners, namely great cold tolerance and pest resistance. Rugosa roses are tall, shrubby plants that need room to spread out. Many are fragrant, produce colorful ‘hips’ and have vicious thorns. Here are some tips for growing...

Spring Rose Care
A bit of spring rose care will mean healthier roses throughout the growing season. Although roses may bloom even if gardeners neglect them entirely, they will have fewer problems and more blooms if you do some spring rose pruning and feeding, as outlined below. The efforts you make in caring for your roses in the early spring will mean that...

Tips for Winter Rose Care
Do you take special care of your roses in winter? Read what other gardeners do and share a tip or two of your own, for protecting your rose bushes throughout the winter.

Fragrance - Top 10 Great Roses for Frangrance
All roses are beautiful, but fragrant roses are extra special. And who would be better qualified than the 'All America Rose Selections' to clue us into some great growing roses with exceptional fragrance. Here are their picks from the last 5 decades.

Miniature Rose Growing Tips
Miniature roses deliver all the punch of full size roses in a size that suits any garden. They may look delicate, but miniature roses are hardier than many tea roses and much easier to grow. Great as a specimen, an edger or in containers, mini roses are easy care plants that bloom throughout the season.

Cut Roses - 10 Tips for Cutting and Displaying Roses
Roses make exceptional cut flowers. Selecting rose buds at the right stage and conditioning the roses once cut will extend their vase life and your pleasure. Whatever your rose preference, enjoy your blooms even longer with these tips for cutting roses.

Companion Plants for Roses
When choosing companion plants for your roses, consider aesthetics, growing conditions, and plant health. Rose companion plants should look good with roses and require similar growing conditions. Here are more tips from the New York Botanical Garden on what plants to grow with your roses.

Rose Hips - Beautiful, Edible Seed Pods.
Rose hips are the seed pods of roses. We don’t often see them anymore, because we tend to prune the faded rose blossoms to encourage more flowers. Rose hips are actually very ornamental and birds enjoy them too. They are also edible and a good source of vitamin C. Here’s how to harvest and use your rose hips.

Cuttings - Can You Grow Roses From Cuttings? Sometimes.
Ever wonder if you could root and grow branches from your favorite rose bush? With a little care, roses root very easily. You won't always get exactly what you started with, but it's fun trying. And here's how.

The Meaning of Roses Based on Color
You know red roses mean romantic love, but did you know purple roses signify love at first sight or that orange roses show desire? Roses have more to say than you might have thought.

Rose Gardening Guru
Easy to follow advice for choosing, growing and caring for roses in your garden.

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