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How to Prune a Hybrid Tea Rose

Practical Tips for Pruning Your Roses


Tools Needed:

A pair of Secateurs, Loppers, and a Pair of Sturdy Leather Gloves.

How Much to Prune Your Hybrid Tea Roses

A typical healthy Hybrid Tea rose may have grown to be about five to six feet tall and four feet wide during the previous year. When you are finished pruning, it should be about 24 inches tall with four to six canes spread out like a vase from the base.

How to Begin Pruning Your Roses

  1. First, reduce the height.

    Start by holding the tip of the outermost branch you are about to cut with your gloved, non-dominant hand and cut this branch down to the desired height. If you do not hold the branch by the tip while you make the cut below, it can tip over easily subjecting your face, head and arms to scratches by rose thorns.

    Place the cut limb directly into a wheel barrow and immediately cut it into two or three smaller sections, suitable for disposal. Letting the branches fall on the ground as you prune will result in additional labor to pick them up later.

  2. Move on to the next outermost branch and prune it down to size. Repeat the process until the entire bush is reduced to about two feet in height.

Final Pruning of the Hybrid Tea

  1. Remove any dead canes that might be present, with the lopper.

  2. Select four to six of the healthiest looking canes to retain. Remove the rest of the canes with the lopper, cutting as close to the graft union (a knot like growth on top of the main stem, close to the ground) as possible. If there are no dead canes, choose the oldest canes to remove and newer canes to retain. However, some of the newer canes, which appear to be soft and have not had enough time to mature, can also be removed.

    Most of these stems would show some winter damage and would appear to have the tops shriveling and turning black. Reducing the number of canes encourages the plant to put forth newer canes, also known as basal breaks, by which process the plant rejuvenates itself and becomes very productive.

  3. Lastly, thoroughly clean up the area, picking up all bits and pieces generated by pruning. Also remove lat year's mulch and all dead fallen of foliage which carry over-wintering fungal spores.

Hybrid tea roses aren’t quite as fussy as their reputation would have you believe, but they do require some maintenance. Pruning hybrid tea roses will help keep them healthy and productive. Follow these easy steps to keep your hybrid tea blooming.

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