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Quick Tips for Great Garden Design

Not everything to do with garden design has to be involved and labor intensive. Here are some Quick Tips to get your garden design juices flowing and your gardens flowering.

Principles of Good Garden Design

Garden design is often broken down into design principles: Order/Balance/Proportion, Harmony or Unity and Flow, Transition or Rhythm. These categories contain the basic elements that, when combined together, constitute the generally accepted version of good garden design.

Garden Structure in Black & White

Get a true impression of your garden by viewing it in black & white.

Design Inspiration From Open Days Garden Tours

The best gardens in your area are open to you through the Garden Conservancy's Open Days. Take advantage of the design inspiration and a day spent enjoying someone else's garden by visiting the private gardens listed in the Open Days directories.

Staking Plants in the Garden - An Unusual and Colorful Approach

Staking tall plants in the garden is a battle of the practical versus the aesthetic. Here's a novel and colorful idea for homemade garden stakes to add some whimsy to your flower or vegetable gardens.

Label Plants for Dividing, While They Are In Bloom

Most gardeners have plants that have grown into each other and need to be divided or moved to another spot in the garden. Many times we'll plant the same plant in different colors right next to one another and not know which is which, except when they are in bloom. Here's a quick tip to make sure you know which plants you really want to move.

Sink Your Still Potted Plants in the Ground for Winter

If you still have plants sitting around in their pots or divisions you haven't found the perfect spot for and the season is getting late, you can still over winter them safely.

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