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Why Do the Leaves of My Houseplant Drip?


Dripping Houseplant Leaves.

Dripping Houseplant Leaves.

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Question: Why Do the Leaves of My Houseplant Drip?
I haven't been able to find anything about this online, so I thought I’d ask. I brought my potted elephant ear in for the winter and the leaves are "leaking" water on my floors. Is this just a phase until it adjusts to the indoors? Thank you, Kerry.
Answer: This is probably just transpiration, the plant equivalent of sweating. When plants take in more water than they need or if it's really humid or dewy out, they release the excess through the leaves. I see this a lot on my Pothos plants in the summer, but I'm surprised it's happening to you in winter, unless it's been rainy or humid there. It's a normal function, although messy, and it can be controlled by cutting back on the water you give the plant.

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