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Preserving the Harvest - Drying, Curing, Canning...

Every vegetable garden knows that when the harvest starts coming, it can come on all at once. Here are some tips and techniques for saving some of the bounty for later use. Whatever you do, don't waste your hard earned veggies.

How to Preserve Frutis and vegetables
Preserving your harvest can be simple or involved, depending on your vegetables and your ambition.

Drying Fresh Herbs
Dried herbs retain a lot of their essential oils. Although they'll never compete with fresh from the garden, they're great to have on hand. Here's how to dry your own herbs.

Freezing Herbs - Preserving Herbs by Freezing
One of the easiest ways to preserve your fresh herbs is freezing. It's quick and it preserves all their flavor. Here's how.

Herb Blends - Creating Your Own
If you’ve saved and dried your herb garden bounty, consider giving some away as gifts. After all, not every cook has access to an herb garden. You can either package up individual herbs in lovely canisters, jars or bags or mix your herbs for a custom blend that will have your chef friends naming recipes after you.

Herbal Jelly - How to Use Your Fresh Herbs to Spice Up Jellies
Herbs and fruit are a seasonal treat that can be carried into the winter months by making herbal jellies and jams. Don’t want the fuss of making your own jam? Don’t let that stop you. You can flavor store bought jams and jellies and turn them into personal statements from your garden.

Herbal Oils - Flavoring Oils with Fresh Herbs
Flavored oils are wonderful to cook with, easy to make and they are always welcome as gifts. Use fresh herbs from your garden to create flavored herbal oils.

Herbal Sugars - Using Your Fresh Herbs to Make Herb Infused Sugar
Herbal sugars can be made easily and used to flavor things like baked goods and drinks. Just as herbal butters, oils and vinegars infuse your cooking with flavors from the herb garden, herb infused sugars will make your fresh herbs go even farther.

Herb Flavored Vinegars
Herbal vinegars are one of the simplest concoctions to whip up and yet they lend a complex undertone to so many delicious dishes. Don’t confine your vinegar use to just salad dressing. Herbal vinegars will dress up spreads, like mayonnaise, sauces and all types of appetizers.

Freezing Fresh Vegetables
Guidelines for how long to blanch and how to safely package and freeze your fresh vegetables.

Those expensive mixes of microgreens on grocey shelves can be grown quickly and easily, both indoors and out. Here are some to try.

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