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Zinnias - A Burst of Hot Flower Colors from Zinnias


Zinnia with Dahlia Like Flowers

Zinnia with Dahlia Like Flowers

Marie Iannotti


Zinnias are a gift from Mexico. They are warm season annual flowers with bold, hot-palette colors. Zinneas flowers are usually deep, brilliant hues of red, orange, yellow and purple, that work equally well in flower borders and flower pots.

Latin Name:


Common Name(s): Zinnia



6" to 3'


Full Sun

Bloom Period/Days to Harvest:

Summer through Early Fall


Wide variety of bold colored, rounded flowers. There are dwarf varieties and tall varieties that will grow up to 3'. Flowers can be double, cactus-flowered or a formal looking dahlia like flower. Color range includes: white, yellow, orange, red and purple.

Cultural Notes:

Zinnias are hot weather lovers and will sit and wait for the temperature to warm up before really starting to grow. Very drought tolerant.

Maintenance: Deadhead for longer bloom. Prone to powdery mildew. Check frequently and remove any affected plants

Design Tips:

Vibrant, tropical colors work well in a hot border, picking up the hues of other reds and oranges. Nice for adding dramatic color to a container.

Suggested Varieties:

Z. elegans ‘Dreamland Series’ - Double flowerheads on a compact dwarf plant. Lots of colors (8-12")
Z. elegans ‘Envy’ - semi-double chartreuse flowers that light up the shade. (30")
Z. haageana ‘Orange Star’ - A bushy dwarf variety with orange flowers that is very mildew resistant. (6")

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