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Achillea - Growing Yarrow in the Perennial Garden


Achillea 'Paprika'

Achillea 'Paprika' holds its vivid color in the hot sun.

Photo: © Marie Iannotti


Achillea are hardy North American natives. The cultivated varieties have become staples in gardens around the world. Soft, feathery, aromatic clump formers, Achillea are great filler plants and edgers.

Latin Name:


Common Name(s): Yarrow




6 - 36" H, 12 - 24" W


Full Sun

Bloom Period/Days to Harvest:

Repeat blooms throughout summer


There are about 85 species of achillea, but most garden selections have ferny, often feathery foliage and flat umbel flowers, although some, like ‘The Pearl’ have small button -like blossoms and others have flowers resembling daisies.

Cultural Notes:

Tolerant of most growing conditions, but prefers well-drained soil and full sun. Allow for good air circulation to prevent fungal diseases. Achilleas make excellent dried flower. Contact with the foliage can cause skin irritation.

Maintenance: Plants should be deadheaded for continual bloom. Shearing back after the second bloom will refresh plant and reduce need for staking. Can spread rapidly if happy. Divide every 2-3 years.

Design Tips:

The flat flowers and soft foliage contrast nicely with spiky plants like Liatris, penstemon, and Veronica. There are many excellent soft yellow yarrows that brighten up blue flowers in the garden.

Suggested Varieties:

  • A. millefolium ‘Paprika’ - Dark orange-red flowers that deepen with age.
  • A. ‘Coronation Gold’ - Extremely adaptable and hardy.
  • A. ‘Moonshine’ - Soft yellow blends well with other colors
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