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Coreopsis - Choosing a Coreopsis for Your Garden


Coreopsis, or Tickseed, is an extremely adaptable and easy growing perennial flower. Most gardeners are familiar with the sunny yellow blooms of Coreopsis grandiflora. There is actually a good amount of variety among Coreopsis and there numbers increase every year. There are tall, fluffy Coreopsis, Red and pink Coreopsis. Even annual and perennial Coreopsis. Here are a handful to get you growing Coreopsis.
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Coreopsis GrandifloraCoreopsis grandifloraCoreopsis Grandiflora 'Heliot'Coreopsis Grandiflora 'Heliot'Coreopsis grandiflora 'Rising Sun'Coreopsis 'Rising Sun'Coreopsis lanceolata - Lanceleaf CoreopsisCoreopsis lanceolata (Lanceleaf Coreopsis)
Coreopsis verticillata  'Moonbeam'Coreopsis verticillata 'Moonbeam'Coreopsis verticillata 'Golden Showers'Coreopsis verticillata 'Golden Showers'Coreopsis 'Limerock Ruby'Coreopsis 'Limerock Ruby'

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