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Pesticides - Using Pesticides in the Home Garden

Pesticides are used in almost every garden. Some are botanical, some chemical. Learn when they are needed and how to use them safely.

Profiles of Some Common Organic Pesticides
An overview of popularly used organic garden pesticides and how they work.

Garden Pesticides - The popular home and garden pesticide diazinon wil
The popular home and garden pesticide diazinon will no longer be available for sale. Diazinon has been one of the most widely used pesticides by home gardeners. It was also particularly popular as a grub control for lawn care. Diazinon’s use on lawns was shown to be a high risk for birds. Certain doses can also cause symptoms such as nausea, headaches, vomiting, and weakness in humans.

Extoxnet Pesticide Information Profiles
Uses, formulations and cautions for most commonly recommended pesticides.

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