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Organic Gardening - How to Have a Great Garden Organically

Gardening organically doesn't mean you have to surrender your garden to pests and diseases. Organic gardening is actually a lot of common sense. Learn what it means to be an organic gardener and how you can ease your garden in organics.

What is Organic Gardening
Organic gardening basically means not using synthetic products to care for your garden. But it goes beyond that to encompass a way of gardening that is kind to the environment, without sacrificing your plants to insects and disease. The basics of organic gardening are explained here.

Organic Gardening Basics
Organic gardening is real just common sense. Keep your plants happy and you will keep problems away. Here are some tips to get you started.

Top 5 Easy Ways to Garden Greener
Let's face it, gardening isn't always natural. Weeds and insects are natural. That doesn't mean we can't garden conscientiously and it doesn't mean we have to make big sacrifices. These 5 tips will actually make your garden less work.

Green Gardening Myths
Is gardening green? Taking care of green spaces could actually be the easiest and fastest way to "go green" and ultimately help the environment. Here are 5 ways the green around your house is affecting the big picture.

Great Garden Soil: Why it Matters - Making it Great
Soil is the most important part of making a garden and often the most over looked. It's not as much fun to work your soil as to choose plants. But great plants require great soil. Read on to learn if you have great soil and, if not, how do you get it.

Making Good Soil out of Bad
Healthy soil is vitally important in organic gardening. Feed the soil and let the soil feed the plants. Here's how to make great soil.

How Much Mulch or Soil Amendment Will You Need?
Once you know what type of amendment or mulch you need, you still have to figure out how much to buy. The easy measurements and calculations outlined here will make sure you don't have to make multiple trips to the store, to pick up more.

Phenology - When to Plant What
Knowing when to plant is a gamble. We can count back from frost dates, keep notes from year to year or rely on the seed packet. There is one more way that's been used for a long time and is making a resurgence. It's called phenology an it means using nature's signals to tell you when to plant what. Plant your potatoes when the first dandelion...

Lawncare - 5 Steps to an Organic Lawn
Can you have a lush, green lawn without synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Of course. Caring for your lawn is no different from caring for your garden. Keep the grass happy and you won't have to drown it in chemicals. Here's more from our Organic Gardening Guide.

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