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Making Gifts from the Plants in Your Garden

Share your garden with these easy to make gift ideas using dried herbs, flowers and foliage from the garden. None take a great deal of skill or time, but they all add the elements of nature and fragrance to your holidays. So share your garden with friends this holiday season or make yourself a gift or two. Most are also fun projects to do with the kids.

Herbal Sugars - Using Your Fresh Herbs to Make Herb Infused Sugar
Herbal sugars can be made easily and used to flavor things like baked goods and drinks. Just as herbal butters, oils and vinegars infuse your cooking with flavors from the herb garden, herb infused sugars will make your fresh herbs go even farther.

How to Make Garden Imprinted Candles - Gifts from the Garden
Candles make any day a special occasion. Candle making is a messy, time-consuming endeavor and there’s no limit of candles readily available everywhere. But you can take a store bought candle and add a personal touch from your garden. Here’s how to imprint your candles with pressed flowers and leaves preserved from garden treasures. They make great gifts too.

Herbal Jelly - How to Use Your Fresh Herbs to Spice Up Jellies
Herbs and fruit are a seasonal treat that can be carried into the winter months by making herbal jellies and jams. Don’t want the fuss of making your own jam? Don’t let that stop you. You can flavor store bought jams and jellies and turn them into personal statements from your garden.

Take Cuttings of Your Favorite Plants to Give as Party Favors
Party favors have gotten out of hand lately. Gardeners can share a piece of their garden with guests and create a simple, quick and inexpensive party favor that is still personal and welcome. Give each of your guests a rooted cutting from your garden or your houseplants. Many plants root quickly and these favors can be down as close as a week in advance. Even if your guests have black thumbs, they’ll enjoy having a plant for their desk, if only for a few weeks.

Homemade Seed Packets - Giving Seed Saved from Your Garden as Gifts
Seed savers have a ready made gift or party favor idea. If you save seeds from your favorite plants, you know very well that there is always more seed than you need. Create a great gift for another gardener, especially one who’s always envied your garden, by packaging up seed and presenting it in a decorative way.

Make Herbal Oils - Oils Flavored with Fresh Herbs
Flavored oils are wonderful to cook with, easy to make and they are always welcome as gifts. Use fresh herbs from your garden to create flavored herbal oils.

Make Herb Flavored Vinegars
Herbal vinegars are one of the simplest concoctions to whip up and yet they lend a complex undertone to so many delicious dishes. Don’t confine your vinegar use to just salad dressing. Herbal vinegars will dress up spreads, like mayonnaise, sauces and all types of appetizers.

Make Dried Flower and Herbal Sachets
Your garden may be good enough to eat, but those wonderful fragrances can be put to use on less fattening senses. Dried flowers and herbs tucked into bags and pillows have a fragrance that will let you travel back to the glory days of your garden. Herbs, especially, hold on to their fragrance. Use you sachets to scent a draw, the clothes in...

How to Create Your Own Herb Blends
If you’ve saved and dried your herb garden bounty, consider giving some away as gifts. After all, not every cook has access to an herb garden. You can either package up individual herbs in lovely canisters, jars or bags or mix your herbs for a custom blend that will have your chef friends naming recipes after you.

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