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Perennial Plants - Care and Maintenance of Flowering Perennials

It's misleading to think that once you plant a perennial flower you are done with it. To have great looking perennials, there is a good bit of maintenance involved. This includes dividing, deadheading, staking, cutting back and other chores, depending on the perennial plant. Here are some tips.

Deadheading and Cutting Back Perennials
Many perennial flowers will bloom more profusely if you make it a habit to cut off the fading flowers. As shown here, some can be pinched off, others require pruning.

How to Divide Plants
Although perennial plants can live for many years, often they start to die out in the center of the plant. When that happens, you will need to divide the plant. Follow these steps and you'll wind up with several new, vigorous plants.

How Do You Know It’s Time?to Divide Perennial Plants
How to Know When it's Time to Divide Your Perennial Plants.

Dividing Perennials - An Easier Way to Untangle Roots before Dividing Plants
Dividing perennials is a necessary chore. You'll want to stress the plant as little as possible, so if your perennial plant is a mass of tangled roots when you lift it, here's a method of untangling the roots that's less stressful on the plant as well as you.

Perennial Flowers that Never Need Dividing.
Looking for a few plants that can live for years, without having to dig and divide them? These flowers are very undemanding and are happy to stay in one place for their whole lives.

Dividing Bearded Iris
Bearded Iris need to be dividid every few years, to keep them blooming and to check for borers and root rot.

Pruning: Perennial Plants to Prune in the Fall
When to clean out the garden is often a matter of time and taste, but these plants will fare better if they are pruned back in the fall.

Pruning: Perennial Plants to Prune in the Spring
Four season interest in the garden is nice. Dried flowers hold onto snow like frosting. Seed heads feed the birds. But some perennials don’t handle cold weather well. The following list is a recommendation of plants that are best pruned in the spring.

Staking Perennial Flower Plants
Staking is no one's favorite thing to do in the garden, but staking early in the season can make things a whole lot easier as the plants grow.

Mums. How to Make them Hardy.
Many gardeners do not realize mums are hardy perennials. Maybe you’ve purchased mums labeled ‘hardy’ only to be disappointed the following spring when they didn’t survive. The key to a truly hardy mum is selecting the right variety and giving it time to establish itself in your garden, before winter. Here’s a quick tip to helping your garden...

Planting Peonies - Special Considerations for Planting Peonies
Peonies can live and thrive for decades, with minimal care. Peonies bloom in the late spring, but they do best when planted or transplanted in the fall. For the most part, planting peonies is pretty straight forward. However there are a few special needs peonies have, that are best accommodated at planting time.

Clematis Wilt Fugus
Clematis are usually low maintenance plants, but a fugal disease called clematis wilt can quickly kill the top of the plants. Here's what to do about it.

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