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Hydrangea - Choosing and Caring for Hydrangeas

Old fashioned Hydrangeas are popular again and there are even more varieties to choose from. Read here about the best choices, how to care for them and when to prune.

Identifying What Type of Old Fashioned Hydrangea You're Growing
There are many new hydrangeas on the market that take the guess work out of when or if you need to prune your hydrangea. However many of us have old hydrangea shrubs in our yards that can cause a lot of frustration when they don't bloom. Bloom on an older hydrangea usually depends on when it was pruned. To know when to prune your old...

Pruning Hydrangeas - When To Prune Hydrangeas
Different types of hydrangeas need pruning at different times. You will have to know what type your plant is. Hopefully you saved the label. If not, an educated guess can be made by looking at it’s foliage and flowers.

Growing Hydrangeas
Let's face it, the hardest part of growing hydrangeas is getting them to bloom every year. Here are some tips for general care, pruning for bloom and new varieties that are even easier to grow.

Changing the Color of Your Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas have a reputation for being chamaeleons, but not all hydrangeas change color. Generally you will need to grow Big Leaf Hydrangeas, Hydrangea macrophylla, to get the pink or blue color you are seeking. You needn’t become a chemist, but you will need to understand why your hydrangeas change color. Here's why.

Forever & Ever Hydrangea Series
The Forever & Ever Hydrangea series brings 3 new continuous bloooming hydrangeas to gardeners in colder climates.

Hydrangeas 'Lady in Red' and 'Limelight'
Two recent Hydrangea introductions generating a good deal of interest are Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’, from Holland, and H. macrophylla ‘Lady in Red’.

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