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Ornamental Pepper 'Purple Flash'


Ornamental Pepper 'Purple Flash'

Ornamental pepper plants are edible, but they don't usually produce peppers large enough to bother with. They're simply lovely to look at.

Photo Provided by All-America Selections/National Garden Bureau.

Ornamental Pepper 'Purple Flash'(Capsicum annuum)looks good all season. As a hot pepper lover, I'm torn by ornamental peppers. It seems such a waste. I actually grew 'Purple Flash' and tried collecting and drying the fruits, but they were so small when dried, it was pointless. However there's no denying the beauty of this plant.

'Purple Flash' is a natural for containers and the edge of borders. The leaves can be almost black, deep purple or green and even variegated in white. The shiny, round fruits are a rich purple and even the flowers are a great shade of eggplant.

  • Bloom Color: Soft Rosy Purple
  • Bloom Size: 3 - 3.5"
  • Plant Color: Green
  • Plant Height: 24"
  • Plant Spread: 14 - 16"
  • Sun Exposure: Full Sun
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