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Houseplants - Gardening Indoors

Gardening indoors can include houseplants and plants that are just indoors for the winter. The heat, sunlight and humidity indoors calls for special care of your tropical houseplants and overwintering tender garden plants.
  1. Houseplants - Which to Grow (11)
  2. Outdoor Plants, Indoors (2)
  3. Problems with Houseplants (9)
  4. Tips for Better Houseplants (3)

Houseplants You Can't Kill
Whether you tend to kill them with too much attention or neglect, these 5 houseplants will defy the odds.

Flowering Houseplants
Houseplants bring life into a room. As ornamental as houseplants are, many also provide health benefits by purifying the air and increasing humidity. Flowering houseplants add another layer of enjoyment, bringing color and maybe even scent into your decor. And you’d be surprised how some can survive on the most minimal attention. Try your hand at growing flowering houseplants or brigh…

Houseplant Gallery
Many people shy away from houseplants because even the most hardy houseplant will eventually require some care. But you would be surprised at how a handful of plants can survive on the most minimal attention. If you'd like to try your hand at growing plants indoors or you're looking to brighten someone else's abode, here's a selection of...

Lighting - Determining Lighting for Houseplants
Determining how much light an indoor plant needs is about as vague as determining how much water it needs. However, most houseplants don’t like to be placed in the direct sun of a windowsill. Strong sunlight may actually burn their leaves.

Watering House Plants - Too Much of a Good Thing?
How, when and how much to water your indoor plants.

Humidity - Controlling Humidity for Indoor Plants
Lack of humidity is a culprit in may indoor plant deaths, especially during the winter. You may first notice a low humidity problem as browning leaf tips on your houseplants. As a plant dehydrates, it can start to look withered, puckered or simply drop its leaves.

Salt Build-up on Houseplant Containers
How to correct or avoid salt build-up from improper watering of houseplants.

Feng Shui Top 10 Air-Purifying Plants
Feng Shui, the ancient art and science of balancing energy for better well being, puts great emphasis on the quality of the air we breath, particularly indoors where we can control many factors. Rodika Tchi, About's Guide to Feng Shui, was asked if there was a feng shui solution to poor indoor air quality. Well of course there is.

Low Light Houseplants
Not much natural light in your home? No problem. These plants can handle it.

Poisonous Houseplants?
Here's a list of potentially dangerous houseplants if you have hungry pets or curious small children.

Readers Share Photos and Growing Tips of Their Prized Houseplants
Winning houseplant photos from the February/March 2011 Photo Challenge.

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