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Garden Insect Pest Identification Web Sites

The 1st Step in Controlling Insect Pests is Know What They Are


You can expect some type of insect pest to attack plants in your garden. That's nature. Not every insect in the garden is the enemy. To control insects in your garden, you need to know what kind of insect you are dealing with, what plants it favors and what time of year to expect it. SO the first line of defense against garden insect pests is identification. The following online sites provide photos of the most common garden insect pests. Most also give further information about the insect's habits and cultural, natural and chemical controls.

The fact sheets provided by Cooperative Extension Services deal with the latest research on Controlling pests. In recent years Cooperative Extension has put greater emphasis on cultural and natural remedies and they give the gardener insight into avoiding future infestations of garden insect pests.

The commercial sites listed may be selling their own products, but they are also providing a free service to online gardeners by providing the listed photo id sites of garden pests.

When insects try to attack your plants, and they will, take a look at some of the Pest ID web sites to learn what you're dealing with and whether you need to do something about it.

Cooperative Extension Web Sites and Fact Sheets

Commercial Sites

  • Down Garden Services Garden Creatures

    This page is provided by a landscaping firm in Down County, Ireland. it's set up with photo sections of 'Friends' 'Bad Habits' and 'Enemies'. Click on the photo for more information and controls.

  • Nature's Control Garden Pest ID

    A commercial site selling natural pest control as well as beneficials. They have great pictures and info on symptoms to watch for. Their solutions are generally the beneficial insects they sell.

Don't forget to check in with About Gardening's Gallery of Garden Pests and feel free to send in photos of your own garden pests,to be included.

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