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Deer Resistant Gardens - Listings of Deer Resistant Plants

Why the Buck Stops Here


Hostas - A Dessert Buffet for Deer

Hostas - A Dessert Buffet for Deer

Marie Iannotti
If there's one thing we have in common as gardeners, it's the need to ward off unwelcome wildlife. For many that means deer. If the best defense is a good offense, then it makes sense to start by choosing deer resistant plants.

Just about every Extension Service has put together a list of plants that are generally less popular with visiting deer. Unfortunately no one can claim a plant is totally deer resistant. It seems the deer themselves do not read these lists and so have been know to eat a plant or two listed as deer broccoli. But these lists should provide you with a start. We'll talk about other critters another time.

The list of Deer Resistant Plant Lists continues...

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